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Re-Defining Relationships

  • Tired of a stream of failed relationships?
  • Experiencing internal and external conflict in yourself and your relationship?
  • Exhausted all your options with finding The One?
  • Do you blame yourself for failed relationships?
  • Has your search for a twin-flame burned out?

Within This Course You'll Empower Yourself With—

  • Being able to understand your past so that you can change your future in relationships.
  • Stop ‘searching’ for relationships and learn how to ‘create’ a relationship.
  • Develop effective practical skills for conflict-resolution.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Develop skills for effective practical living together.
  • Learn how to develop lasting intimacy with yourself and/or your partner.
  • How to commit you to yourself and/or a partner in an agreement that supports growth, expansion and self-development.
  • Utilise masturbation as a tool for compatibility and effective agreement alignment.
  • Take sexual fulfillment to a whole new level of mutual exhilaration.

Agreement Course is Based on Developing an Effective Relationship with Self in Order to Develop an Effective Relationship with Another.

The basis of this course is to establish an effective self-agreement – to from here develop an effective agreement with another as self. Thus – the course ‘Agreements: Re-Defining Relationships’ is a process of living what it means to be equal and one with another as self.

Note: One does not require being in a relationship to walk this course. When walking this course alone you will be facilitated in preparing yourself to walk an effective relationship/agreement.

Agreement Course Lessons Overview

Lesson 1: Who am I in this Course?

Here you will be introduced to the terminology and application of self-agreement, agreement with another in equality and oneness and the practical tools that will assist and support you to walk this process – such as: self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-commitment – and within that, understand the difference between relationships and agreements.

Lesson 2: Self-Sabotage

Here one discover the underlying causes, reasons and origins of failed relationships, conflict about relationships, comparison to other relationships, desire for relationships – and how to direct, correct and stop these points so as to not compromise one’s current and/or future relationship.

Lesson 3, 4 & 5: Practical Secrets

Here you will learn how to make an effective, self-directive decision within the question of entering a relationship or not.

Lesson 6 & 7: Structuring the Agreement

Here you will be going into practical equality and oneness through learning how to live words that assist and support with self-development, growth and expansion – as well as development, growth and expansion of an agreement.

Lesson 8: Equality in Agreements

Here you will learn the tools and skills of creating equality within an agreement and so, how agreements assist and support each partner to become the best version of themselves.

Lesson 9 & 10: Communication and Living Agreements

In this section of the course, you will develop the communication skills to stop the secret mind and the tools to effectively manage internal conflict-experiences and external conflict-situations. Here we also assist and support you in how to share your space, environment and responsibilities.

Lesson 11 & 12: Sex and Masturbation

Here you’ll discover the potential within masturbation and sex as support and assistance expressions within self-agreements and/or agreements with a partner.

Lesson 13: Over-All Course Assessment

Here you will do a review of your self-agreement and/or the agreement you are walking with another to establish where one is within oneself and/or the agreement, and from here continue walking one’s future in equality and oneness.