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Human Puzzle of Emotions and Feelings

Life seems to be a complex puzzle of emotions, feelings and happenings we seemingly don’t know how to relate to or direct. Many of us choose to cling to some kind of religion, spirituality or something the consumerist society provides for us. We endlessly search for that which we would like to call “My true self”.

We say STOP!

Sitting under the tree and studying Desteni I Process

Desteni I Process is a life coaching platform where you'll learn essential life skills and practice simple common-sense tools such as self-forgiveness, writing and self-corrective application. Based on years of research & practice, developed with attention to detail, proven by hundreds of people and delivered to you comfortably through the web.

Become Someone You’re Satisfied With.


Learn how to work with patterns and characters within and as yourself.

Acquire the necessary tools to identify the recurring problems that are causing friction within your life and do so in specificity and detail.


Toss out the garbage.

Master tools and approaches with which you can take apart and deconstruct characters and personalities consisting of thoughts, feelings and emotions and remove the control and influence they have over you.


Understand the problem in it's entirety.

Develop the ability to pull all the threads together and construct the whole picture of what it is you're going to take on and eventually transcend.


Define who you want to be.

Once the old patterns that do not serve you are gone you can design the new you. Gain understanding into how to consider your reality as a whole and how to position yourself for the ultimate outcome that is best for all.

People Enjoy & Recommend DIP.

I've done quite some training in my life time - some more effective than others: in DIP I've found a structured way of working on a deep level on layers in myself, with relative simple tools. After all these trainings and therapies I've put myself through it was within the DIP structure I finally revealed hidden childhood secrets I was not even aware of I had them in me, but they had a substantial influence on how I experienced life.

Ingrid Bloemheuvel, 55

I have tried many, many self improvement courses, books, channels in my life. They did not work. What I found out is that the other self-help guides did not really understand the mind and how it works. How the program of existence works and how extensive each and everyone’s programming is. With the Desteni I Process I learned how to take a point and dig deep into it and see exactly how it was created. When we understand creation we can then do something about it if we choose.

Adele Caskey, 46
United States

What I like about the DIP is that it creates a network of people from all over the world, helping and supporting each other within self-improvement and to become human beings that care about life and know themselves. And in result of that take responsibility of their own life and this world in totality. The DIP forces you to look at your patterns, while doing your assignments. Things you might otherwise maybe only address years later. So it speeds things up that way.

Ann Van den Broeck, 25

The DIP had & still supports me in many points what I haven´t learned during my lifetime for instance how to look on situations. Not seeing all what happens here on earth as normal conditions of & as humanity and that humanity should start ask questions about how and why exist everything in that way as it exist - What is real here and what isn´t. The tools with what the DIP is equipped aren´t new but none has ever practice it like taking absolute Self-Responsibility and correcting one´s own Conditions in a sustained way. It is in fact an eye-opener which can be a shock for newbies but thats it is real here what we all have created, accepted and allowed - a Nightmare on Earth and thus in ourselves. The course is structured to walk step by step, breath by breath the correction of Self into a way what is best for all Life. It is not about following advices - it is about self-applying and one will see the results.

Klaus Hoefler, 40
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Utilize What You Learn to Assist and Support Yourself
Within Life's Everyday Challenges.

Forget the boring tasks and pointless information you had to go through in school. Everything you learn and every exercise within Desteni I Process (DIP) is practical and deals with a specific aspect of your life. In one exercise you'll take on your greatest fear. In another you'll design a perfect intimate relationship for yourself.

Who's pulling the strings?

With DIP you will—

How Does a Month in DIP look like?

  1. Study the lesson material and work through the provided assignments.
  2. Your personal support buddy is always within an email reach and assists you in one-on-one chat sessions.
  3. Submit the lesson's assignment and when approved by the buddy & moderator move to the next lesson.
  4. Your course material, progress and everything else is easily accessible on this website through your personal account.
  5. Use the new tools, skills and realizations to practically improve your life.

A Personal Support Buddy Assists You During the Course.

When you're signing up, you will be assigned someone that has already walked the Desteni I Process for a while. This person will support you with the curriculum, help you with the DIP assignments you'll be completing as a part of each lesson, as well as provide general process support for any issues or challenges you may be facing in your life.

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